Friday, 5 August 2011

News of the World reporters hacked other newspapers

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The story of phone hacking goes on. No doubt the public are probably pretty bored by the whole story now but it has only just begun. It could take a couple of years before the civil cases are processed and the potentially scores of criminal cases are assessed and those with sufficient evidence prosecuted.
However, it has emerged that the News of the World was not just hacking politicians, celebrities, business people and the sickening hacking of Milly Dowler’s and service people’s phones but also other newspapers.
The News of the World hacked at least five reporters’ phones on the Mail on Sunday and it is very likely that other newspaper journalists and their private eyes were hacking into other newspaper journalist’s phones. The goal? To scupper ‘exclusive’ stories and by gaining insight into what other reporters knew in the race to piece together the jigsaw of top news stories. Sometimes they simply stole the story and broke it, before their rival.
Now you could think, well, what difference does it make? It doesn’t seem to be as important as hacking into private individuals’ phones and that is true, but it shows yet again the lengths that some of them went to secure a story or a nugget of information to try and outflank their rivals. How many private sources to genuinely important stories were ‘outed’ or betrayed?
There is much more to come out about what else these reporters and their private eyes were up to. My case file is growing and next week we will present further information to the police. I trust that they will continue to take it seriously (unlike the first time) and cross check it with the evidence seized so far. 
Glenn Mulcaire
Glenn Mulcaire
However, they are still only half way through reviewing Glenn Mulcaire's evidence and have only added around 40% of the seized electronic records from News International on to their computer database. For the hundreds of victims, the wait goes on.

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