Saturday, 19 March 2011

Enforce UN Resolution 1973 - Now

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Image: Smoke billows from a Benghazi neighbourh
Smoke billows from Benghazi - UN action must protect the Libyans - Getty Images
It would appear this morning from BBC reports that pro-Gaddafi forces have attacked with impunity the people of Benghazi. In spite of protestations from Gaddafi spokespeople that they have not attacked the rebels, it is quite clear a fighter jet was circling the city and was shot down. It was likely to have been a rebel fighter. Enough is enough. No more prevarication. No more hesitation. Stop Gaddafi's troops now. The so-called ceasefire is fragmented and not fully implemented and Gaddafi has not withdrawn troops who are on the streets in many towns and cities. If he had been serious they would be returned to barracks and the police force left to undertaking regular duties. Journalists have been left beaten and their lives threatened. Gaddafi's thugs patrol the streets of Tripoli.
Air defences should be destroyed. Tanks and heavy artillery should be destroyed. The loss of life should be minimised but Gaddafi's generals know that if they simply contact rebel forces and raise the flag of Libyan independence they have nothing to fear. The democratic forces in Libya are acting reasonably and in a civilised manner. The National Transitional Council will happily accept pro-Gaddafi forces if they switch allegiance.
Typhoon fighter
Typhoon Fighter - can protect Libyans from Gaddafi's aircraft
Nimrod R1
Nimrods - can undertake surveillance on Gaddafi's tanks and troops
Some campaigners are protesting against military action. I have to say that on this occasion they are wrong. For those who are pacifists I salute their principles and resolute position but innocent people must be protected. This is not Iraq. 

  1. In Libya, the United Nations has authorised legal action through Resolution 1973. There are no arguments over what it means. It is clear and unequivocal. In Iraq the legalities of the war were at best opaque and at worst completely illegal. 
  2. In Libya, regional authorities have called for action. The Arab League (League of Arab States) has passed a resolution backing a No Fly Zone. In Iraq regional authorities were against military action.
  3. In Libya, democratic forces have tried peacefully to protest and have been murdered and arrested by Gaddafi. The National Transitional Council has united the rebels and is applying democratic principles to wanting a free Libya. In Iraq there was a fragmented opposition with some dubious individuals and groups who were puppets of the invading army.
  4. In Libya no occupying army will be used by foreign governments. In Iraq it was a huge ground force who swept into the country and dismantled the state delivering seven years of utter chaos and death through a colonial type government that remains in a precarious state.

No, this is a righteous action taken by UN authorised forces but they need to act now!
Libya's democratic forces need support now

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  1. Es-salat kher min en-num! - wAllah, and the best form of prayer is (immediate) action. Praise the Lord that the so-called West finally extracted the digit and shoved it in the eyes of that minor Satan of Libya.


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