Monday, 7 February 2011

Phone hacking slowly moves closer to the truth

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Tonight's Dispatches programme on Channel 4, highlighted the growing disquiet about the long drawn out saga of public figures having their phones hacked and probably various sources used to illegally gather information to be used in newspapers.

Personally I had a wry smile when one suspended reporter from News of the World (and previously working for The Sunday Mirror), Mr Dan Evans, apparently suspended for phone hacking, issued a statement of denial. We have been waiting since 5th November 2010 for a specific response and I am disappointed that his denial avoided mentioning the potential of a private detective hacking my phone or someone else working for journalists.

Perhaps Mr Evans would also give such a categoric assurance that he has no knowledge of who hacked my phone? Perhaps he can categorically swear that he did not use a private detective or know who else may have gathered personal information? Perhaps his lawyers, rather than huff and puff indignantly will now respond to the clear evidence presented to them? If Mr Evans feels he has been wrongly accused he should sue, otherwise, his lawyers should stop procrastinating and start talking.

It is strange that Mr Evans has been apparently suspended for ten months on full pay by News of the World. A long time for the case to be investigated and if innocent, to be cleared.

The fact remains that someone succeeded in gathering private information about me and we will continue to seek Police co-operation in retrieving such evidence. I hope that they will finally investigate vigorously the potentially gold mine of buried emails created by various newspapers over many years.

The evidence we have gleaned thus far demonstrates a very strong case that information on me was collated from illegal sources. The truth will be tested in a court. These cases take time and patience but for those guilty of hacking phones and emails, they will be brought to justice.

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