Friday, 11 February 2011

Egypt on the road to freedom

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Protesters carried a huge banner with names and pictures of victims killed during protests at Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday.
After a roller coaster ride Egypt has cast off the dictator's shadow after 18 days of (generally) peaceful protest.

Following on from Tunisia, Egypt has also fallen to a wave of social media organised demonstrations with resolute leadership and an abiding commitment to peaceful, democratic reforms. President Mubarak finally got the message and has stepped down.

Hosni Mubarak
Former President Hosni Mubarak
US: take note. It didn't require high level bombing or a mass invasion of a huge army to bring about the downfall of a dictator. It didn't cost 100,000 deaths of innocent people or the deaths of thousands of Allied soldiers. It took a well organised people's revolt by Egyptians without outsiders interfering.

Vice President Omar Suleiman announced in Cairo that Mubarak had stepped down on Friday.
Vice President Omar Sulieman announces Mubarak's resignation today
Now it is a moment of truth. Will the Egyptian military hold true to their word and allow a peaceful transition into a genuine democracy? Will the Military Council now in control stand back and allow the press to speak their minds? We hope and pray that the military will not backtrack and impose a new form of dictatorship.

For now, jubilation for Egyptians and let all of Egypt enjoy its new found liberty.

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