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New Year, new rant by IPSA 'enforcer'

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It is with a little sadness that I learnt that Tom Harris MP has stopped blogging (yes I am slow in catching up with the world of the Tinternet). Now Tom hasn't always been very complimentary about me mentioning me in a column tagged 'Taleban' and as a self confessed Blairite, I have disagreed with Tom on various wars but the attack by the IPSA chief, Ken Olisa on Tom and others, demonstrates that Ken should resign.

Ken Olisa
Ken Olisa - ranting about MPs
I know there is zero sympathy for MPs by the public who have enough of their own problems in this very tough economy to worry about people who can enjoy a secure income for the next four and half years. However that does not mean that painfully obvious problems with the new parliamentary expenses system  should not be pointed out and made better. So let's call a spade a spade and make clear that it is time the new failed expenses system should have its grave dug. We can't return to the old system of claiming for duck houses but nor do we need a system that is highly complicated and highly flawed, wasting time and money in the desperate attempt to convince the public that only genuine expenses are being paid out. You don't need to build a system as complicated as a NASA space rocket when you want to cycle to work.

There was a time I recall that civil servants were polite and friendly to democratically elected MPs and respected the fact that they had slogged their guts out getting elected and then got on with helping perhaps 100,000 constituents. MPs are a fickle, opinionated bunch (ok one or two are down right rude and offensive) but any confident civil servant would know how to deal with them. Those civil servants have been replaced with a quango that is more costly and less efficient. The nominated quango 'enforcer', Ken Olisa is useless in knowing how to deal with genuine complaints.

Publicly attacking Tom Harris amongst others, demonstrates Ken has lost the plot and ranting to a newspaper is not the way to make the system work effectively. The debacle of the expenses scandal the current scheme has clearly gone too far. Punishing this parliamentary intake for the sins of the past parliamentary intakes is not the way to develop a new fair, cost effective and secure system.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), needs to concentrate on making its new shining, business plan work and develop better communications with MPs. The voters are losing jobs, seeing their living standards fall and the cost of living rise. They don't want to hear MPs publicly criticising the expenses system and they certainly don't want to hear a bloated bureaucracy ranting against MPs in public.

Ken should report any abusive MPs to the Speaker, get his head down and make the system work. If he thinks it is too hot in the kitchen, he should get out. Engaging in a war of words with MPs through newspaper columns over the homeless is pathetic and worrying.

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