Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 - an election year

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A rare political moment was witnessed with the return of a hung parliament and a new Coalition government.

Graphic showing 2010 election result: Con 306 seats (36.1% vote share); Liberal Democrats 57 (23%); Labour 258 (29.0%); 28 (11.9%)

Th UK Election produced the first Coalition Government since the war. Yet as Nick Clegg stood smiling on the steps of No 10 bathing in the glow of taking the Libs Dems into power with the Tories, he has endured a bitter after-shock of resentment, ridicule and at times hate for taking tough decisions and making blatant u-turns. His party now has sunk to 13% support and will probably fall further next year.

This was the year the economic downturn begun to affect most people. Back in 2008 and 2009 many lost jobs but the majority did not really notice. Now with prices rising, more jobs being lost in the public and private sectors and students rioted over outrageous increases in tuition fees. The reality has hit home.

People will feel even more pain and hardship next year and all the signs are that the Government has got its priorities wrong. 

Meanwhile some of the more unusually lists for 2010 include:-

Well the Consumer Goods Technology website ran with the headline "Top 10 Most Read Headlines of 2010" which is fair enough until you notice the date it was posted as 1st June 2010. Coming in at Number 2 was  "Del Monte's Best Practice Tips for Becoming Demand-Driven", which should certainly be gripping the readers.

Pop Sugar's biggest headline of the year was "Biggest Headlines of 2010: David and Courteney's Shocking Split". Shocking indeed. 

Meanwhile the earth Observatory's biggest headlines of 2010 included: How Will Clouds Respond to Climate Change?
Cirrus was reported to have condemned the climate change sceptics, whilst stratus said, he was appalled at the melting of ice in Antarctica. Cumulus took the minority view and said he didn't know what all the fuss was about and thought they extra heat sun would give himself a good tan.

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