Monday, 31 May 2010

David Laws - a tragic story but he can return

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David Laws
I sincerely hope that David Laws can clear his name and come back into front line politics. There is talk that he will resign as an MP. That would be a mistake on his part as he begins to sort out the turmoil in his life. I remember David as a decent, quietly spoken man of great integrity and a thoughtful, intelligent contributor to debates.

For the record, yes it appears he should not have claimed the rent of a home owned by his partner and his words about not really living with a 'partner' seem dubious at best. However, no doubt in the stress of trying to protect his privacy he has made mistakes - and paid for them in a big way.
David Laws: desperate act of an MP scared of being 'outed'
It would be understandable to succumb to the tabloid criticism and at times vile media attempts to try to out him and for him to throw in the towel. He should not. Voters decide who they want for their MP and not journalists. It is easy to say that sexuality doesn't matter in today's society but there is still extreme prejudice out there at times and no wonder David sort to protect his sexuality. Ignore the froth of the endless newspaper stories, David. It was right to step down as a Minister and refer yourself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Let him look into it, then pay back any money that is required and move on with your life.

There the matter should rest. Otherwise, every single MP should resign now (all of them have secrets) and we will never have anyone anywhere representing British voters. The rules have to be followed but sometimes the pursuit of truth turns into persecution and the effects on individuals are traumatic.

I trust David, his partner, James and their families can have some privacy and piece together their lives. Hang in there, David and life will get better. I trust you will be back in Government shortly.

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