Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Twitter links with TinyURL

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I am beginning to understand this social media phenomena. Beginning mind you, so please don't test me as I have a very long way to go.

Yes I know I sound like one of those old fogies but I am 41. It reminds me of the time a secretary from my former workplace at Taylor Woodrow was sent on a new course to migrate her away from the typewriter to use something called a newfangled box called a computer. She was asked to start with (something easy to get her and the other trainees practicing) to move the mouse around the screen. All seemed to be going well until the instructor moved along the rows of computers and found she had lifted the mouse off the table and placed it vertically on the screen. She protested that it was still moving it!

Today's problem for my social media challenged brain, was to work out how to shorten those infuriatingly long hyperlinks into something more manageable. When you are tweeting away you don't get many words out before you see the dreaded minus red number appear and you have to start editing your beautifully constructed contribution to the world's opinions back to within 140 characters.

Oh, the power of the Internet: http://tinyurl.com/create.php

By copying and dumping my long winded link into the box it cleverly spits it back out in a fraction of the length. Seeing is believing, as I wondered if it could provide the same unique link and lo and behold it could.



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