Thursday, 21 January 2010


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I have added my directory listings to Twellow -

No idea so many applications available to extend your reach through social media.Twellow is like a Yellow Pages for Twitter users. Are they Twitterists or Twitterers? The question with all these sites is: will they take off? In years to come will the stack of yellow telephone directories landing on your doorstep be a thing of the past? Already with they are increasingly becoming redundant for those in society with access to the Internet. Yet there are still many people who are not inclined or unable to go online. It has become part and parcel of daily social and business life and we don't think about those who don't have a computer or point blank refuse to use one. They are entitled to their opinion and life is easier without this technology in some ways, but the advantages to the world wide web are overwhelming in my view.

The difficulty is separating out the key sites (listings) to invest so much time inputting your details and wondering if within 6 months that site's popularity will have plunged and you have found yourself backing the equivalent of the Betamax video in the 1980's. Like with all new technology there is an explosion of new products and services before the marketplace consolidates the winners into at least medium term robust positions.

In the meantime, I will continue to try out some of these applications. I wait to see if I build a critical mass of hits that produce something tangible. Will we see harmonisation and a settling down of key sites with niche sites being used by small groups? Google now seems invincible but so did Lehman Brothers.

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