Monday, 18 January 2010

Gourmet tea from Malawi

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Listened to an interesting piece on the BBC iPlayer (which I am starting to understand and appreciate) about new teas pervading into the highly competitive tea 'industry' in the UK.

The presenter, Henrietta Lovell highlighted, The Rare Tea Company and a new Fairtrade tea from Malawi - 'Lost Malawi'. This afternoon tea is grown in the highlands, which makes it better for the environment requiring less irrigation and produces a distinct taste.

Also check out Malawi's green tea:-

This is the kind of innovation into a mass market where quality and branding can affect the consumer marketplace.

Great authentic music, provides a backdrop to the discussion on the process of making 'Lost Malawi'.

A small but important success story showing how the high quality products of Malawi can influence the British palate and provide important jobs for local people. Very best of luck for the tradein Malawi tea!

Lost Malawi growing © Rare Tea Company Ltd.

Lost Malawi growing © Rare Tea Company Ltd.

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