Monday, 18 January 2010

Coffee from Malawi

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Ok, since I had found a great story about new tea from Malawi I thought it was only fair to seek out some of their coffee! Malawi is the smallest coffee growing nation in Africa but has received some great reviews for the quality and taste.

Now I can't vouch for the taste (not yet) but as a lover of coffee I will be trying out one or more of these speciality coffees.

First up - a coffee shop dedicated to coffees from Malawi!

The Coffee Project of Sheffield
"The Coffee Project is a Sheffield based charity raising funds to support education and poverty-relief projects in Malawi. Funds are raised by importing coffee from Malawi and selling it in the UK."

D.R. Wakefield of London
"Agaro, Bourbon & Geisha are commonly grown and lately some quality Catimors."

J. Atkinsons & Co of Lancaster
"Malawi AAA"

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